Fenella has presented at countless events as an MC, interviewer or keynote speaker and has extensive experience in media as a radio and television presenter. She loves working with others to help them build their confidence up for a talk, presentation or a pitch - helping them deliver their message and find their story. 

Beyond TEDxSydney, where she works with the speakers as their prepare for their talk, Fenella regularly works with the University of Sydney preparing academics for a variety of public talks, including Raising the Bar 2017 and 2018, oOh! Media, Diageo, Prezzee, Guildhouse and many others.

Here are a couple of interviews with Fenella about presentation skills - How to be a confident public speaker and getting speakers ready for the stage.

Get in touch if you would like to arrange a workshop or individual sessions. 

You’re a miracle worker my dear! You helped me so much. x
— TEDxSydney Speaker
It was a pleasure working with you. Wouldn’t have been possible without your mentorship.
— TEDxSydney Youth Speaker
your advice helped so much. I felt well prepared with a clear plan, and knew exactly how it was going to go down. So in the end it wasn’t stressful at all and I managed to really enjoy the experience!
— Raising the Bar, University of Sydney Academic 2018
I can’t thank you enough for all you did to get our academics in a better place for their Raising the Bar talks. They all had such positive feedback after spending time with you
— Alison Winstone - University of Sydney