Object Gallery: The Heart Of It


db_thoi_main__croppedOn 9 July 2013, I facilitated a fascinating panel featuring designer Leah HeissDesign + Industry Director Anthony Honeyfield and Dr John Cartmill, Professor of Surgery at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine. The topic ‘Can design humanise medical technologies?’. You can hear an edited segment of the discussion on By Design here  http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bydesign/the-panel3a-object-gallery/4812206

And you can hear the full discussion at Object Gallery http://www.object.com.au/news-reviews/object-eye/entry/listen_designer_bodiesthe_heart_of_it/

This is the first of three talks I'm hosting at Object over the next few months.

EventFenella Kernebone