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Oversharing in the Digital Dark Age

What are the ramifications of a ‘digital dark age’ if decades of digital files are lost or unreadable, as was recently warned by internet pioneer Vint Cerf. Would it be a loss or a blessing? Benjamin Law (writer), Claire Reilly (tech editor, CNET) and Dr Lisa Murray (city historian at the City of Sydney Council) on stage at the Art Gallery of NSW as part of Point Click Chat. Here's a link to last week's chat: Next up - that is tonight 20th May 7pm! it's all about Oversharing. Tom Ballard, Sarah-Jane Kurtini (Tiny Beans Co-Founder) and Catharine Lumby share all. oversharing

Sarah Blasko - 25th September 2013

I recently interviewed Sarah Blasko at the Art Gallery of NSW in front of a mass of people. It was a big night as the gallery celebrated the tenth year of their Art After Hours function. You can check out the interview here (maybe pretend you don't notice the coughing fit I had on stage - hayfever season!). [youtube]