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Point Click Chat

Kernebone_Fenella_15_05_13_770x314px.jpg.770x314_q85_crop In the era of selfies, cat memes and foodiegrams, we increasingly see the world through the photos we take, but how do photographs change the way we see ourselves?

Fenella Kernebone hosts a three-part chat show that asks how we define our identities and culture through the images we make. Each week Fenella will ask the audience to share their opinions in a lively debate about how photography helped to make us, us.

What can we learn about the ‘Australian way’ from the photos we post? What are the perils of oversharing? And what would be the ramifications of a ‘digital dark age’ in which decades of digital files are lost or become unreadable?

Joining Fenella to get the conversation flowing will be panelists including artists, photographers, comedians, historians, geeks, musicians and architects. Of course, we encourage you to speak up, tweet along and Instagram away, because as we all know: if there’s no pic, it didn’t happen.

Digital dark age - Wednesday 14th May - 7pm

With Benjamin Law (writer), Claire Reilly (tech editor, CNET) and Dr Lisa Murray (city historian at the City of Sydney Council)

Oversharing - Wednesday 20th May - 7pm

With Tom Ballard (comedian), Sarah-Jane Kurtini (Tiny Beans co-founder) and Professor Catharine Lumby (media commentator)

Truth, beauty and the way of things - - Wednesday 27th May - 7pm

With Myf Warhurst (TV presenter, broadcaster and writer), David Hunt (historian and author) and Alison Page (interior designer and filmmaker)

Hetti Perkins - Art Gallery of NSW

hetti Had a great chat with Hetti Perkins - creative director of the Corroboree Sydney festival on Wednesday 20th November at the Art Gallery of NSW for Art After Hours. On the festival, her ideas, the cultural diversity that is Indigenous Australia and more.