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Monday 18th November - Creative Partnership Awards 2013

Hosted the Creative Partnership Awards 2013 – on Monday 18th November at Parliament House, Canberra, which recognise successful relationships between business and creative industries - many exploring alternate funding models to enable creative projects to happen. Many of the winners also used the platform to call for greater culture of giving towards the arts in Australia, which is seriously lacking here in comparison to our American counterparts.

In Australia - it's still the case that the more you earn, the less you give. So it was refreshing to hear from one the winner of the Creative Partnerships Philanthropy Leadership Award, Betty Amsden OAM - a big arts donor in this country, strongly arguing for a rise in philanthropy from those that have the means. It was an  inspiring speech - made me forget for a moment how sore my feet were from standing on stage for hours!

To see the list of winners and finalists - head to their website.