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Shelter Hacks: What makes a good home?

What makes a good home? How can architecture create communities? Can the sharing economy provide new models for housing? Exploring all things "shelter" in a panel conversation this Wednesday at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Sydney.  On the panel -  Timothy Horton, Registrar, NSW Architects Registration Board + Hugo Moline & Heidi Axelsen, architecture-artist duo, creators of Owner Occupy.  "Drawing on themes of shelter, ownership and flexibility in Owner Occupy, an installation by Hugo Moline and Heidi Axelsen for Fugitive Structures 2015, this forum will focus on how shelter, in all its variety, relates to society and human nature".

Wednesday 16 September, 2015 6–8 pm for a 6:30 pm start.

at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation 16-20 Goodhope Street Paddington NSW 2021


The Robotic Revolution in Architecture and Design

Hosting a panel this Saturday at Sydney University, presented by the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning as part of the Fabricating Futures Exhibition for Sydney Design Week 2015.

Here are the details:

The panel discussion will explore the challenges and developments surrounding robotic integration into architecture, art and design, focusing on the advances in real time sensor feedback, and social and human-robotic interaction.

The Robotic Revolution in Architecture and Design begins the discourse surrounding robotic fabrication and creative robotics in preparation for the RoblArch2016 conference themed 'Trajectories' hosted by the University of Sydney in March 2016.

Moderated by Fenella Kernebone, the forum will feature leading robotics experts from architecture, design, fabrication and creative robotics.


Marjo Niemelä, Manager DMaF Lab in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney and Rob|Arch 2016 Conference Workshop Chair

Professor Jon McCormack, Director of sensiLab at Monash University, and electronic media artist and computer science researcher

Dr Dagmar Reinhardt, Program Director of the BAE and Studio Leader of the Master of Digital Architecture Research at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, the University of Sydney, and ROB|ARCH2016 conference Co-Chair

Dr M Hank Hauessler, Senior Lecturer and Discipline Director of Computational Design (CoDe) at UNSW

SATURDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2015 4pm - 7pm Architecture Lecture Theatre 1, Level 2, Wilkinson Building, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney, 148 City Rd, Darlington.

Arrive at 4pm for drinks and nibbles. The discussion starts at 4.30pm and will be followed by drinks served by Botbar, our cocktail making robot, in the Design Modelling and Fabrication Lab (DMaF Lab) Level 1, Wilkinson Building.


Having an episode ... trackwork update

I posted the 5th episode of the podcast, Trackwork this morning featuring the Sydney duo, Fishing.

Thoughts so far:

1. It's taking a little bit longer than expected each episode - but this is all good.

2. It's a fun thing to do post spending many years hosting shows on Triple J ... a purely creative project (ie making zero money!)

3. Sponsorship would be nice. Anyone?

4. I need to buy a camera. iPhone pics do not cut it.

5. It's a fun thing to do. Oh I said that already. But it is!

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Trackwork - the podcast

I launched a podcast this morning after much hand wringing and audio checking, called Trackwork. It's a simple idea and an idea I have had thinking about following up on for a few years. I love hearing artists speak about their process and I know from the many moons I hosted The Sound Lab on Triple J, how hard producers work to ensure their tracks sound just right. In the podcast and in each episode I invite one guest, one artist to play a series of stems or samples from their tracks and describe the stories and the ideas that led to their decisions. It's a podcast about the building blocks of any track, particularly if you're working in the electronic field. This can include how an artist develops and builds the percussive elements; to how an artist dreams up a bass line and the kinds of equipment they may use; through to the samples that have been chosen, tweaked and twisted to create something truly unique. Trackwork is a chance to open up a conversation each episode with a clever Australian producer and to get into their heads and hear about their creative process.

I also like the idea that it is a not a podcast predicated on the now ... it's not about the new release cycle, which can be restrictive. So I am very keen to meet a few artists that I suspect many of my peers may fondly remember and who may not even be producing music any more. Of course this does depend on whether they have access to the stems - which could be hidden on some archaic hard drive or even an old school floppy disc. That would be difficult I suspect. Maybe there is a way around this - I'll work it out.

So that is the essence of Trackwork. A podcast about music. A podcast about Australian music. If you are so inclined - please subscribe to the podcast via Itunes or through any other podcast player apps that you use!

Also while I have done segments like this on the radio on Triple J's Sound Lab back in the day, there's also a fabulous podcast called Song Exploder that you should totally check out as well. It's pretty inspirational.

The first episode is up today - featuring Anomie  and next episode is with the excellent Caitlin Park.

Feel free to hit me up here or use the contact form on if you would like to get in touch.