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LUMINA - from the Australian Film Television and Radio School

Lumina is a series about how tech innovations challenge and shape the way we share stories. In the series, Fenella speaks to a carefully curated brains trust of storytellers about why technological developments in the industry, and in our society, are something to be excited about, not daunted by.

Across a dozen interviews, Fenella investigates topics such as the future of books, how interactive stories can be made for Smart Speakers, whether creatives should fear the rise of Artificial Intelligence and why Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for empathy. Throughout the episodes, Fenella becomes the test bunny, plugging herself into biometric readers and experimenting with interactive sci-fi podcasts, to get to the bottom of how storytelling is rapidly changing. Our talent are at different stages of their careers, some have a creative practice, others belong in the technology development, but all are storytellers at heart.




In 2015, Fenella launched an 11 episode podcast called Trackwork. In each episode you’ll meet an artist who unpacks one of their tracks. They tell you the stories and the musical ideas that went into its creation. You’ll also hear the individual samples and how the artist built the track. Focusing on Australian artists. The podcast is currently offline, but will be rebooted in the future and episodes reloaded!


It's a Long Story - Sydney Opera House Podcast

Fenella recorded 5 episodes of the podcast interviewing artists in town for the 2017 Vivid Festival