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Fenella has presented countless events around the country and internationally. Below are a couple of keynote topics as well as a selection of events where Fenella has been the MC, presenter, interviewer, keynote speaker or facilitator from the last few years + testimonials.



The Mind Blowing Power of Human Creativity
The robots are taking over ... and yes in some cases this is true, but we know that one of the key things that separates us from our robot overlords is us - human creativity, our ability to write a book, paint a picture or compose a song. So what is it about humans that makes us so special? And how close are our own inventions getting to mimicking human creativity? Should we be afraid or excited at what is to come?

Drawing on history as an cultural commentator and nerdy love of science, this fascinating keynote takes you on a potted history of human and machine made creativity as well as look to the future at what is coming down the line. Who are those working to make our machines do the work and how should we navigate our future with machines.

Listen Like You Mean It

Great listening and interviewing skills are vital for anyone who works in the media, whether you're a radio and television presenter, make a podcast or hosting an event. But at the heart of a great interview is the ability to listen - to truly hear and respond to what is being said in that moment. It's not just broadcasters who need these skills, we all do and the ability to listen and respond appropriately are vital when collaborating with colleagues or managing a team.

In this entertaining, informative keynote or workshop, Fenella walks you through the skills you need to be a great listener, have great conversations and make a difference.



  • Melbourne Art Awards 
  • TEDxSydney 2018 - multiple events
  • University of Sydney Art and Neuroplasticity - moderator and host 
  • Art Gallery of NSW - Art After Hours 
  • Sydney Opera House - The Motherload + Antidote Festival
  • Diageo - Keynote


  • TEDxSydney 2017 - Host and Head of Curation
  • TEDxSydney Salons and other events - Host and Curator
  • The Big Anxiety - Moderator, Art Gallery of NSW
  • PwC Making Sydney Thrive 2050 - MC & Moderator - with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian


  • National Architecture Awards - MC and member of the National Jury. 
  • Australian Interior Design Awards - MC
  • NSW Architecture Awards - MC
  • WA Architecture Awards - MC
  • Future Cities Conference (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne) - MC & Moderator
  • Design Summit (Melbourne, New York, Sydney & London) - Interviewer and Presenter
  • TEDxSydney - Livestream host
  • A Night of Disruptive Ideas - Cure Brain Cancer Foundation & Vivid - MC & Interviewer 
  • Arts & Health: Making The Connections - Country Arts SA & Institute for Creative Health SA - Feature interview
  • CEB - Keynote


  • Royal Doulton 200th Anniversary Dinner - MC and Interviewer
  • Melbourne Art Foundation Awards - MC
  • NSW Architecture Awards - MC
  • WA Architecture Awards - MC
  • Design Summit - Melbourne & Sydney - Presenter
  • Art Music Awards - MC


“Fenella, you were brilliant! You have such a talent for making people feel at ease and open up, and you do it with immense style, professionalism and a sense of fun. ”

— Leo Burnett

“I owe you a big thank you for the event! You were brilliant. The feedback has been outstanding, the audience loved the panel component”

— Hannah Jones, PWC

“Thank you so much for tonight! You were fantastic. We had so much awesome feedback. The curator loved what you brought to the event. ”

— Ashlie Hunter, Art Gallery of NSW

“You were wonderful last night, and hope we get a chance to work together again soon”

— Sydney Opera House, Culture Club

“Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you from all of us at The Projects. You were amazing and added so much energy to the event.”

— Royal Doulton 200th Anniversary